Newport Marathon Mission Statement

 Newport Booster Club

After many years of supporting the Newport Marathon, in July of 2007 the Newport Booster Club took over the event as a club project. The Club is a non-profit organization that promotes and facilitates the character and skill development of youth through the support of sports and other extra-curricular activities at Newport High School.
The goal of the Newport Booster Club is to continue the Newport Marathon as a "First Class Experience" for marathon participants. In support of this mission, the Newport Booster Club is committed to the following:
  •     Utilize income from the marathon for support of athletics, athletic participation scholarships, and extra-curricular activities at Newport High School with a focus on, but not limited to, track and field and cross country teams.
  •     Continue the involvement of all Lincoln County High School Track and Field and Cross Country teams with appropriate funding for their efforts.
  •      Serve as the parent organization and provide primary staffing for the marathon.
  •      Assure continuation of the marathon’s economic benefits to Newport and the greater Lincoln County region